In our practice we mainly use methods of TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine. These include:

But by no means exclusively TCM. We combine TCM with other proven natural healing methods and, if necessary, also western orthodox medicine. Especially in diagnostics, my team and I always use standardized methods of conventional medicine. This is what I have learned and practiced during many years of work at a university clinic in China. We constantly review our methods and adapt them to the findings of evidence-based medicine. In this way we try to bridge the gap between tradition and scientific progress.

Disease symptoms:

In principle, according to our ideas, we can treat what is disturbed but not destroyed. The most important areas of application are the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions and functional disorders. Specifically, treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies is indicated for the following diseases and complaints, among others:

  • Acute and chronic pain:
    trigeminal neuralgia,
    phantom pain
  • Diseases of the spine, joints and soft tissues:
    thoracic spine syndrome,
    lumbar spine syndrome,
    herniated disc,
    sciatica, lumbalgia, joint pain wear and inflammation,
    shoulder stiffness,
    tennis and golfer's elbow,
    articular and soft tissue rheumatism
  • Psychovegetative disorders:
    Sleep disorders,
    states of exhaustion,
  • Gastrointestinal disorders:
    Cramps of the esophagus,
    inflammations of the gastric mucosa,
    chronic stomach ulcers,
    disorders of liver and bile function,
    chronic diarrhea,
    chronic constipation.
  • Tinnitus/Morbus Meniere
    (with vertigo, hearing loss, ringing in the ears)
  • Polyneuropathy
    (inflammatory diseases of peripheral nerves),
    Post-stroke condition,
    facial paralysis
  • Respiratory diseases:
    Bronchial asthma,
    chronic bronchitis,
    chronic sinusitis.
  • Allergic diseases:
    Hay fever,
    Food intolerances
  • Eye diseases:
    Visual impairment, conjunctivitis,
    Myopia (a type of nearsightedness) in children,
    Cataract (cataract),
    Central retinitis (a retinal disorder).
  • Skin diseases:
    Atopic dermatitis,
    Irritable bladder,
    Menstrual cramps
  • Cardiovascular complaints:
    Functional palpitations,
    peripheral circulatory disorders,
    low blood pressure,

Anamnesis and prices

Every treatment is preceded by a brief, but clear examination (anamnesis)! I clarify the nature and extent of the complaints, whether and how we can help.

Our anamnesis includes an anamnesis conversation and the palpation of the head lines to determine the energy status. Further information is given by feeling the pulse, which allows me to judge the balance of Ying and Yang.  I then use tongue diagnostics to determine whether the organ functions are working harmoniously. By palpating the cervical spine, I can detect possible blockages. From this, I determine which of our therapies and techniques are most appropriate.

Our prices

  • Anamnesis: approx. 100,00 Euro
  • Treatments 100,00 - 120,00 Euro