Nutritional counseling

Traditional Chinese Medicine regards food as nature's remedy, which with its special energetic properties can determine well-being or illness.

The diet is based on the same principles as the other therapies, it comes from the wealth of experience of traditional Chinese medicine. The food is adjusted according to its temperature (hot, warm, neutral, cool, cold) as well as its taste (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, salty, neutral). Also important is the direction of action in the body ( ascending, descending, centripetal, centrifugal) and the assignment to the five phases of transformation and their effect on the guidance system. The goal of Chinese nutrition is also to create a harmonious balance of Ying and Yang.

This from my point of view vital knowledge can also be imparted in my institution after individual diagnosis in a nutritional consultation. TCM nutrition is not, like acupuncture, recognized by the WHO, it can be classified in Germany as empirical medicine.

Three things are particularly important for human health: a balanced intestine, a barrier-free metabolism and a responsive immune system. Therefore, a restoration of these basic functions should be the actual basis for sustainably successful therapies. It is precisely here that a combination of TCM with the findings of Western naturopathy and orthodox medical diagnostics lends itself to success.

In the treatment of our mentioned "civilization diseases" including diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular system, food intolerances or "histamine intolerance", chronic fatigue syndrome, skin changes and many more. My holistic method of treatment includes a wide range of extended naturopathic applications to restore the regulatory mechanisms of the organism, and on the other hand, a return to the possibilities of evidence-based diagnostics, for example in the laboratory.